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I.C.U.M. (Italiana Costruzioni Utensileria Meccanica)

Our company boasts an experience of 110 years in tool manufacturing.

Over the years it has acquired a great experience in the production of standard tools and special tools based on customers’ drawing: either brazed or toolholders for machine tools such as lathes, milling machine, CNC machining centers and tools for wood working machines, plastic and shredding machines.

Moreover, our company manufactures industrial blades, knives and shredder teeth for the recycling industry and is specialized in solving various problems on special tool construction.



Ours is the oldest and only company in North East Italy that can boast 110 years of experience and knowledge in tool production.

Our tradition starts as "Cortiana Francesco" in Schio via Macello in the early 1900s producing simple steel tools.

It was then continued in the 40s by his son Giovanni under the name "Utensileria Cortiana Giovanni" producing hard metal tools for lathe and milling machine



In the mid-70s the company was continued by his daughter Cortiana Francesca as "I.C.U.M." by evolving the production range of hard metal tools, special steels and hard metal machining (widia), and utilizing those indispensable knowledge values accumulated over the years from generation to generation, has increased the quality of its products thanks also to the most important Universities’ collaboration and reserach



Now I.C.U.M. continues the production of tools for machine tools, special tools for any type of activity, hard metal inserts, hard metal plaques based on costumer’s drawings and hard metal machining.

In addition to the long-lasting production of tools, we have introduced the production of industrial blades and special steel knives, with special treatments and also with hard metal cutting edge (widia).

These products are used in the fields of plastic, rubber, wood, metal recycling and WEE, as packaging components , wood, textile, food, and any other type of machine.



The company has its own commercial network that distributes all its products (tools, hard metal inserts, blades, etc.) directly to its customers who are the end users



The sales network is supported by its own engineers suggesting the best instructions for the product applications or for the production of special article.


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